See & hear Dr. Miller's brain on EEG!

No... that's not the mandolin, it's his brain!

The high range you hear is the beta frequency range, originally assigned to "Tinklebells". The mid range is the alpha band, assigned to the Kalimba, Delta waves were assigned to the vibraphone and a low pedal "C" was assigned to sound whenever theta levels fell below inhibit specification. Some of these instrument assignments seem to have gotten lost in translation... EEG machine was a Waverider Jr.

Musical Transcription of Dr. Miller's Brain Music

OK! you may have thought you heard a couple of "brown notes", but that was just his beta reaching the peak of a truncated range specification. Sorry for the parameter error. We also could have simplified the melodic minor scale, but would have missed some interesting counterpoint. The PC to MAC conversion added its own influence... check back with us after some more practice!

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