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BioMetrics Offers Specialized Programs for:

Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance describes a work system that supports people in achieving their goals with ease and satisfaction. Peak performance is observed both in an employee's behavior with coworkers and customers.

Now more than ever before, healthy, competent, and satisfied employees are the most valuable asset of any firm. Businesses are constantly challenged to keep their most productive employees satisfied and performing at optimal or peak levels. Workers are seeking both financial and personal rewards from work. The most productive employees value autonomy and opportunities for creativity and self direction. We work to enhance those qualities in all employees through the creation of optimizing work environments.

Safety and Security

Safety is the most basic need of all! Employees must feel safe in their workplace. Safety and security are felt in an environment that physically supports the task (ergonomics) and are mentally stimulating and emotionally satisfying (work design). These essential elements of a successful work group are the core competencies of Biometrics. We bring to every assignment our world-class expertise in organizational development, industrial psychology, neuropsychology, physiotherapy and occupational medicine.

How Can Bio-Metrics Help Your Business

Using state-of-the-art ergonomic and neuropsychological analyses, brainwave biofeedback techniques and organizational assessment techniques our firm can now provide advanced levels of accuracy in the design of workstation modules and standards for performance that will significantly reduce work related injuries and improve productivity and employee retention.

We provide a comprehensive Working Well Solutions that evaluate individual, work team and environmental factors and offers an integrated solution to
support optimal performance. The assessment includes the following areas:

Peak performance is observed both in an employee's behavior with coworkers and customers. Its measurement is the return on energy invested toward a particular goal. Achieving maximum results with the lowest expenditure of resources is peak performance.

In terms of remediation:
Our expert work flow analyses include specific proposals for remediation of problems including treatment programs for workers to prevent injuries and to rapidly rehabilitate workers who are on restricted duty due to previous injury. We also have methods for determination of malingering and
noncompliance with treatment programs.

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