Northeastern Regional Biofeedback Society (formerly the Biofeedback society of NY)

We now include: NJ, NE, NY

Contact Information:

Executive Director: Susan Antelis, MPS, BCIA certified fellow
*53 to FAX

Society Toll-Free Phone: 1-888-999-5114

E-Mail: Susan Antelis

We have Peer support groups in NYC, Westchester and LI.
Also a Biofeedback Internship Program at the NY College for Wholistic Health, Education and Research, on LI.

**Fall & Spring Conferences**


The Northeastern Regional Biofeedback Society represents the Professional Biofeedback practitioners of NY, NE, NJ. Biofeedback is a major component of the medical and psychological treatment modalities of today. Since its introduction in the 1960's, biofeedback has steadily gained recognition as a biobehavioral, non-drug intervention for treatment of a diverse array of disorders. Biofeedback is a clinically effective, standard therapy that is recognized as cost-effective and insurance-reimbursable.

The NRBS provides an opportunity for professional development to those interested in biofeedback and psychophysiology. It is an interdisciplinary society with members coming from such fields as psychology, psychiatry, nursing, physical rehabilitation, dentistry, education and others.

Members of the NRBS meet other professionals with similar interests and can share information and experiences. Semi-annual conferences and workshops are offered to enhance knowledge in the field and learn about the latest research. In addition, conferences offer opportunities for networking and viewing the most up-to-date equipment. Current trends are discussed in the newsletter.

The executive board of the NRBS monitors the state legislature and insurance industry for impact on the practice of biofeedback. The society provides information helpful in dealing with third party payment and health care agencies. Listing in a phone referral directory and on the internet is available to members.

The NRBS is an expanding, diverse and responsive organization promoting the advancement of Biofeedback and Mind-Body Health. The NRBS supports your professional interests and keeps you abreast of the current issues affecting research and practice.

Membership is open to those who are interested in biofeedback and psychophysiology.

Members of the Northeastern Regional Biofeedback Society receive the following benefits of membership:
  • an informative, up-to-date newsletter
  • a referral service
  • semi-annual conferences
  • opportunities for networking
  • a source for information on the latest legislation affecting biofeedback and insurance in New York
  • a forum for practitioners of many disciplines who share an interest in psychophysiology
  • internet listing
  • peer supervision groups

  • Northeastern Regional Biofeedback Society
    (formerly the Biofeedback society of NY)

    (516) 825-6567
    (888) 999-5114


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    SUSAN ANTELIS, M.P.S. (website)


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    Harry Campbell,
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